Reimagining Careers

Welcome to – the official online learning Platform of Ambrose Kibuuka S. Mukiibi, Education & Careers Specialist.

We live in an era where all we previously knew about careers has been turned upside down. You can’t survive with the old paradigm of work and life. To survive and thrive in the new normal each one must personally rethink their life and their future within the new paradigm. 

This platform brings you a rich collection of learning resources developed as a result of over 20 years of Ambrose Kibuuka’s practice as an educator, researcher and author on career matters at all levels. 

Everyone who engages with this platform literary opens up a personal laboratory in which they will continuously re-imagine and innovate their career. 

In this sense, the platform is a hub of personal career laboratories – Career Labs.


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Re-imagining Careers

Welcome to – the official learning Platform of Education & Careers Specialist, Ambrose Kibuuka S. Mukiibi Everyone who engages with this

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Who is Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi

Ambrose has spent over 20 years of professional practice at an innovative intersection between Transformational Education, Career Strategy and Organizational Strategy. He is a sought-after specialist in Human Performance Systems – the art and science of bringing out the best in people – as individuals and organizations. Over the years, he has distilled the powerful insights flowing from his vast experience and generously shared them in form of books. His first book, Remaking the Youth, was published in 2000. His second book, After University, What Next?  first published in 2003, has turned out to be a game-changer, not only for young people transitioning from school to the world of work, but also for senior professionals alike. It has since been published in the 2nd edition (2008) and 3rd Edition (2018). The other life-changing books he has written include, Supercharging Youth Employability Value (2016); Demystifying Capital (2017); and Teaching Deep Without Teaching Hard (2021). Working with a multi-disciplinary team of experts, Ambrose has developed his books into a series of  online short courses to help more people access, digest and systematically apply the life-changing insights in the books. Scroll down to view the courses.

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