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Re-imagining Careers

Welcome to careerlabs.net - the official learning site of Education & Careers Specialist, Ambrose Kibuuka S. Mukiibi

 Everyone who engages with this site literary opens up a personal laboratory in which they will continuously re-imagine and innovate their career. In this sense, the site is a hub of career laboratories - Career Labs.

A fresh approach to careers is needed if one is to survive and thrive in the labour market of this era, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). More so, COVID-19 has shaken the whole world and changed everything in the career world. Things will never be the same. Unemployment and severe underemployment will increasingly bite even highly qualified professionals. The more consumers get into the habit of demanding for personalized products and services, the faster will be the trend of personalized careers. This de-massification of careers means that professionals will become less and less hired on the basis of qualifications in a specific standard discipline, but rather on the basis of a personalized combination of knowledge-sets and skill-sets. Unfortunately, current educational qualifications are based on an expired paradigm of the 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions. In the previous era, the more standardized your qualifications were, the higher your success prospects. In the 4IR, the more differentiated  (unique) your competencies are, the higher your competitive advantage - literally, competition becomes irrelevant for you. Careerlabs.net is here to help you build a highly personalized and successful career. Let’s show you how to create a High-Value Unique Selling Point (HV-USP).

Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi Sendijja

A specialist in Human Performance Systems - the art and science of bringing out the best in people.


He is a passionate educationist, and has for over 20 years consistently worked in the area of career strategy across the entire spectrum - ranging from secondary schools, universities and young professionals, to senior corporate executives.


Since the year 2001 he has worked with a wide range of local and international organizations, covering over 100 assignments as a consultant in the areas of career strategy; transformative education; creativity, innovation and change management; entrepreneurship development; youth empowerment; personal development; organizational development; transformational leadership; strategic management and people performance.

He has also served in both teaching and top governance positions in universities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. He is author of 5 life-changing books and is frequently invited as inspirational speaker for various audiences. He is also occasionally hosted on various radio and television talk shows.

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After University, What Next? was first published in 2003;

Upgraded into Second Edition in 2008

Upgraded into Third Edition in 2018. (read book synopsis)

After University, What Next? has been acclaimed as “a life-changing book” by readers from over 20 countries including USA, Sweden, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Philippines, Cameroon, Malawi, Ethiopia, Italy, Tanzania, Slovenia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Burundi, Somaliland, Kenya, Rwanda, Belgium, and Ireland. The author believes that “Ideas are like matchsticks; you need only one to start a bush-fire”. Yet, if this book is an entire arsenal of great ideas, how many unstoppable bush-fires will it spark?.

On the 3rd February 2020, a group of fresh graduates from Makerere University staged a demonstration on the streets of Kampala, clad in their graduation gowns with placards asking “What Next?” The images went viral on social media.  On Facebook, a score of people who had read, After University, What Next? Spontaneously posted images of the book against the images of the demonstrating youth. The chorus was: “here is the book with the answers you are looking for”.

Even with the dire disconnect between the education system and realities in the labour market, there is a lot that can be done to empower the youth by helping them to build impactful lives as astute entrepreneurs and exceptionally productive career professionals. Yes, we can solve the youth unemployment monster. This site is dedicated for that purpose. Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi has translated After University, What Next? into a series of of online short courses, all geared towards helping the youth to (a) build capacity for job creation, (b) become optimally productive, (c) develop high employability value, and (d) become socially responsible citizens.

The list of short course derived from After University, What Next? includes;

1) The Productive Graduate

2) Maximizing the Energy Within: How to Achieve Self Mastery and Personal Effectiveness

3) Personal Branding and Job Acquisition: How to Present Yourself as a Business

4) How to Create Your Job: From Opportunity Identification to Scaling

5) The Discipline of Self-Education

6) Translating Knowledge and Skills into a Business

7) Demystifying Capital: How to Start Where You are With What You Have

8) Reinventing Yourself for 21st Century Careers

9) How to Develop and Pursue a Wining Career Strategy

10) Becoming a Life-Long and Life-Wide Learner

11) Managing Career Change

12) Thinking Without Thinking: How to Optimize Your Output by Conditioning Your Mind

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