THE PRODUCTIVE GRADUATE Becoming a productive and prosperous graduate in the new era.   “The University Degree is severely overrated …


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July 5, 2021
1 week, 3 days


Becoming a productive and prosperous graduate in the new era.  

“The University Degree is severely overrated and underestimated at the same time”.

(Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi)   This particular course, The Productive Graduate® is part of a series of online short courses developed out of the groundbreaking book After University, What Next? The excerpt quoted below is the opening paragraph in the back-cover synopsis of the book. It captures the background and gist of this short course: WHY THIS COURSE? The Productive Graduate® is a hands-on online Career Strategy and Advisory course that prepares youth to live optimally productive lives both as career professionals and astute entrepreneurs in the 21st century work environment. It is intricately designed to empower three critical categories of youth so they can make informed and optimal career choices as they transition from one stage of life to the next. First, it targets those transitioning from secondary school into higher education. Second, finalists and continuing students in institutions of higher education transitioning into the world of work. Thirdly, recent graduates. Fourth, mid-career professionals as a main target group.
After University, What Next?
How will this course help you?   If you are a… Senior 6 leaver, the course will empower you to make the most informed career choice and equip you with practical strategies to start building a successful career immediately through maximizing your long vacation and time at campus. (critical target group)   Continuing or final year student in university/tertiary institution, the course will enable you to develop a wining career strategy and practical action plan for a smooth transition from school to the world of work - including strategies for immediate job acquisition and/or job creation. (critical target group)
Recent graduate, the course will equip you with strategies, tools and techniques for penetrating the world of work through defining and sharpening your Value Addition Profile. (critical target group)   Mid-career professional, the course will open your mind to the critical changes you may need to make in your career vision, given the new trends in the labour market; and to map out a new appropriate career strategy with a practical road-map - including the possibility of career shift or career consolidation. (main target group)   Teacher (educator) in higher education, the course will equip you with strategies, tools and techniques to transform yourself into a highly competitive educator driven by a customer-focused approach characterized by the desire to continuously pass out students who are exceptionally competitive in the rapidly changing labour market. (main target group)   Policy maker/planner, the course will open your mind to the emerging critical issues that need to be prioritized and translated into policies, strategies and programmes for youth development.   Development worker in the field of youth development, the course will equip you with innovative insights, tools and approaches to developing innovative interventions that effectively address graduate employment issues.   Career guidance and mentorship practitioner, the course will empower you with innovative insights and hands-on tools and techniques for helping young people develop their own personal career vision, career strategy and ensuring effective execution.   Researcher, the course will open your mind to fresh areas for ground-breaking research in this generally virgin but critical research area on youth employment.  


The course, The Productive Graduate® is built on four modules, all of them derived from the three youth empowerment books authored by the educationist and careers specialist Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi. The books include; After University, What Next?; Supercharging Youth Employability Value: Tools and Insights for Strategic Career Positioning; and Demystifying Capital. The common thread cutting across these resource materials is the life-changing insights that awaken the reader to the immense opportunities and possibilities hitherto unseen. The eye-opening insights are cemented by a a rich arsenal of practical tools and techniques for self-mastery and market intelligence as the basis for strategic career positioning.   The four modules that constitute The Productive Graduate® include; Module 1:             The History and Future of 21st Century Careers Module 2:             Understanding 21st Century Careers Module 3:             Understanding Capital and Starting Out Module 4:             Strategic Career Positioning  

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